Thursday, November 26, 2015

Losing a Friend, a Difficult Blog to Write

Hey everyone, this is not an easy blog to write, and one I don't necessarily want to write, but to honor her memory, I must share this story.

So 1 week ago I lost my friend Brandi M. She was a wonderful person who was not afraid to stand up for what she believed in. We first met in Students for Life, she was our vice president, and an active member in the pro-life movement, having founded and leading the local Young Professionals For Life group in the local area of our college. With her activism in the Pro-Life movement, it is almost befitting that the last time I and others saw her was at our Students for Life meeting just last week. It is really crazy to think that just 1 week ago we were all hanging out, talking about the pro-life movement in our local area and in the big picture.

On Tuesday November 24th we had the visitation and on Wednesday November 25th we had the funeral. I unfortunately had bad information and missed the visitation. The obituary implied that the visitation would be at the church, and when I got there they were having bingo, definitely not visitation for my departed friend. After calling a string of friends I got some directions to the funeral home. I got lost on the way, and while I think I made it to the right funeral home in retrospect, there wasn't anything saying that this was the visitation for Brandi and there was like an example book out. I thought "I'm not going to crash someone else's visitation." I wish I had good information, but the visitation is not what is important, the funeral is.

On Wednesday I woke-up, packed up my stuff to drive home for Thanksgiving break, and left for the funeral. I met up with the old president of Students for Life (my first president, and I think Brandi's as well), and we sat together. Not to much time later, her best friend and former president she worked with along with the current president of Students for Life arrived. It was a very nice service. There were some good readings, stories of Brandi, remembering her final days, and the other good but hard stuff.

After the ceremony, some of the Students for Life members and alumni met up before heading to the cemetery. What was really nice was that the former president and vice president of College Republicans also made it. While Brandi wasn't active in College Republicans, she and the president of the time started going to meetings to try to build collaboration between the 2 conservative groups (in addition to hanging out with the members that were in both groups). It was great seeing them again, even under the circumstances. Another notable person to show up was the regional coordinator for students for life. He's been to our meetings a couple of times, and I'm sure he knew Brandi rather well. Neither the College Republicans nor the regional coordinator were able to make it to the cemetery, but it meant a lot to us student for life members to know that they both made it.

The funeral was hard enough, but the cemetery was even harder. All us Student for Life members and alumni gathered together and formed a group to say our final goodbyes. All of us laid our hands on the casket together, all the while crying over the loss of our dear friend. We were some of the last people to say our goodbyes. After we left the casket, we all stood off to the side and group hugged as we cried. After the group hug broke up, we hugged each other individually, just passing from one partner to another. We were the last people to get in our cars. No one talked except for her best friend saying "thank-you" after the group hug. We were quite a sight, like something out of a movie. As we were leaving the cemetery, someone had written "BRAND ANGEL" on a piece of plywood on the other side of the fence in the trailer park neighboring the cemetery. That was nice to see.

At the luncheon immediately following the cemetery I was able to talk to the friends I haven't seen in forever about what they have been up to. It was a good hour to help me get my head around what just we just experienced. I really needed that because I had a 3 hour drive ahead of me. I was glad I had that 3 hour drive ahead of me, because it gave me the time I needed to process everything that has happened. When driving home, I saw a bill board for pro-life activism, and that hit rather hard since she was so active in the pro-life movement. The world with not be the same without you Brandi, and we will all miss you.

Well, this has been Pokematic, signing off, and bu-bye.

PS: If you would like to read about Brandi's journeys in the pro-life movement, you can read her blog here.

Wednesday, September 16, 2015

Amiibo Hunting and Final Loads of Free Crap Bash

(This is a little late. Events happened on September 11th 2015)

Hey everyone. Today is a rather dark day in history. In respect, all flags around campus were flown at half mast, and members of the military stood around one flagpole in reverence. As I passed that flag pole, I took my own moment of silence, and remembered how the world would never be the same after that day 14 years ago.

Coincidentally enough, this was also the day for my college's "loads of free crap bash" as I've come to call it. In previous years I've spent pretty much the whole day there, going to different booths, seeing what organizations are available on campus, and getting loads of free crap; pens, magnets, coupons, lanyards, and just out there stuff. It was great freshman year because that's how I figured out how to get involved, and sophomore year was kind of the same but to a lesser extent. But after sophomore year I know the clubs I had time for and could be in, so it just became about the free stuff, but I made sure to see everyone, and then last year I helped out with one of my clubs.

Well this year I wasn't able to have the level of fun I normally had. The bash was from 3-7, and I had class at the engineering campus from 4-6:30. This meant I would be able to wander around for about 30 minutes before I had to leave for my class. I also had class from 2-2:50 so that meant I wasn't able to help the clubs I'm in get set-up. Well, I was able to help my film club set-up some at 1:40 since their booth was right outside the building I had my class in, but not much. After the class I headed out with my singe sack and went grabbing. Most of the good stuff you have to play a mini-game for, and wait in line. While I enjoy the mini-games, I wasn't about to wait in line, so I just went to the open booths. I picked up a bunch of pens and magnets per usual, and a couple cups.

Instead of just listing it, I'll show a picture.
I have flyers, thunder sticks, a Frisbee, a hat, a micro USB cable, and some other things as you can see.

I was a bit surprised with how much stuff I got in the period of 30 minutes. I went to class, and the cool thing was that since this was the first week, and it's not a traditional learning environment, we were done at 5:15, which meant I could head back to the bash. Most people packed up, and I already got the good stuff, so I went to my Pokemon club and sat at the booth for 15 minutes. Then they decided to pack-up, so I went to my film club's booth and sat there for 30 minutes, and helped them pack up afterwards. They had balloons to draw the eye, and I claimed them. Lets see how long they last.

Another point of mention is Amiibo Hunting. Wave 5B I think we're calling it was released September 11th 2015, and normally I'm not able to Amiibo hunt the day of release because I had to work or didn't have a car. Not this time. This time, I went to Meijer at midnight to get what they had. I picked up Zero Suit Samus, Ganondorff, and Olimar. I was going to get 8-bit Mario, but something was wrong with my card so I was only able to get those 3. Besides, I was going to go to Target at 8AM to get Dr. Mario, so I'll try to get 8-bit Mario then as well. Neither store had many units available, so I'm glad I was there when I did. I was missing Bowser Jr. but I didn't know of a Toys R Us around my campus so I was going to let him go, but on Saturday I googled Toys R Us in my area, and I found one a couple miles away. I called them to see if they had Bowser Jr. in stock, and they did. I picked up Bowser Jr. and since they also had Smash Yoshi, I picked one of those up as well since all I can ever find is Mario Party Yoshi. It was pretty cool doing a midnight and store opening release. At Meijer people were just lining up and hanging out at the electronics counter, and at Target people were lining up outside the store. I was pulling in when they were handing out "line numbers," so I didn't get one, but I made sure I made it to the front of the no-number line.

Well that was my Friday and Saturday. It's weird that this will be my last "free crap bash." The closest thing I will ever have to this again will be a business convention and job fair, but it'll be professional instead of recreational, or maybe a convention, but the vendors charge for their stuff. But hey, Amiibo hunting was fun. Well, this has been Pokematic, signing off and bu-bye.

Thursday, September 10, 2015

My Summer Up North Vacation 2015

Well, my summer internship has come to an end. My last day of work was fun. I wore my red Hawaiian shirt and fedora, said my goodbyes to everyone, and left on a good note with everyone saying they'll miss me. Here's a picture of what I wore that day.

So last year I had a little break before we moved my brother into college. Not this time. No this time I pulled into the driveway, grabbed my trip bag, and we left on our adventure. For my DVD entertainment this year, I brought a Warner Brothers Oscar Shorts collection, season 1 and 2 of Dinosaurs, and the Pokemon Orange Islands set. This year I made sure I brought my camera so I could get pictures and video in addition to what my dad took. Also, there are way to many pictures to put in the post. Only select pictures were added. For all the pictures, click here to go to the myspace collection.

Day 1 was pretty low key. Basically our goal was to get to the northern half of the state. A big attraction was this knife store that we stopped at along the way. My brother is into black smithing and knives, so he was in his element. I don't have any pictures of that because it's a bit frowned upon to take pictures of the art for sale unless you were buying something, but let me just say it was art, and it had art prices. The main attraction we did was go to this mine pump museum. It had this giant pump that was used to pump water out of the mine. Here's some pictures of it.

It was really cool. They also had a little mine museum behind it. It had all sorts of old tools and equipment. Really awesome.
For more pictures of all the equipment, check out the myspace collection.

Then connected to the mine museum was a world war 2 museum. Again, here are some pictures.

These are not all the pictures. Click here to see them all on my myspace.

The next day we did some more traveling. We drove through one of the small towns that has a shipping port just to see some freighters. I think we saw one. But my main thing was the videogame store they had. Oh it was cool. The first thing when you walk in is this table with PS2 and OG XBOX, with a couple gamecube games sprinkled in as well. I spent some time digging through that and found some games. Then they had modern as well; PS3, XBOX360, PS4, XBOX ONE, Wii, and Wii U. They also had a small selection of retro, but you could tell that that wasn't the focus. They also had table top games and sports memorabilia. My dad and brother went into the store with me and they had fun "watching Sheldon in the comic book store."

Once we got to the area we were going to stay, we did some "lets see if there's anything to do around here." We found a city park with a small deer enclosure. They marketed having an albino deer, and the normal deer were not really afraid to come up to the fence. This made for some great pictures and video.

For even more, click here.

Later that night we tried to see some bats that took over an abandoned mine shaft. There's this mine shaft at the top of a hill that went dry, and bats took habitat of it. The city put a fence and barricade around it to protect the bats and people wanting to see them. On a good day the bats fly out at dusk and it looks really cool, according to the welcome center lady. Well it was windy that night and bats don't like wind apparently, so it was a bit of a bust. We did see some wild turkeys on the road. The place was cool anyway, and here's a picture and video.

That was most of what we did on day 2. Day 3 was when we had fun and when we arrived at college. But before arriving, we went to a saw mill museum some miles before the college. The guy who ran the place is a carpenter and mad these really beautiful wood pieces. Again, no pictures because art, but take my word, they were gorgeous. Really nice dining room tables and rocking chairs, and some other things as well. Then there's the mill tour. It showed you the life of a log, one which I traced in this video.
After that, we hit the road again and got to college. We checked into our hotel and rested a little bit, them moved my brothers stuff in at his dorm. We went to Walmart to pick up the stuff he forgot. There wasn't much, but whatever. This was the same Walmart that forgot they had PS2 games for sale last year. Some of the games were still there, like the Grand Theft Auto collection, but nothing I was interested in.

It was a rainy day so we couldn't do all the cool outdoor stuff they have around his college, but we did a bit of a "historical points of interest" vehicle tour lead by my brother who fulfilled his history requirement with a history of the area class. That was pretty cool. The only picture we got from that was a picture of this cool church.

After the mini tour, we went to this mining museum. That had a lot of cool things and showed what kind of shops and jobs one would find in a mining town. One of the things was what a school room would be like, and a hilarious list of "rules for teachers" was showcased. Like this is what a teacher is expected to do back in the 1800s. They had the list for sale in the gift shop, and since my mom is a teacher, we had to get her one. Check out some of the pictures from that.

Even more over on myspace.

After the mining tour, we went to a rock and mineral museum. I'm not a geologist, but I can appreciate cool rocks and minerals, and since the main characters from Steven Universe are named after minerals, I made sure to look out for them.

Rose Quartz





These are just the Steven Universe characters I could remember. There are even more awesome minerals on myspace.

There was also this really cool "florescence" display where you go into a dark room and it shines a black light on different minerals to show off the pretty colors in addition to a 15 minute video that explains why they are like that. This exhibit was next to the "elements in your everyday items" and what rocks we get them from. Having worked in an engine plant, and since many of the examples were from cars, it was pretty cool to see where the stuff comes from.

One thing I really liked was a big fossilized dinosaur bone, a meteorite, and moon dust. Like, all the gems and minerals they showed were "common." By that I mean the rock and mineral are relatively easy to come by, just not with the size of the crystals they showed. Fossils, while not the most common thing on earth, are just animal remains with the organic material replaced with minerals. I've seen and held small trilobite fossils before, and while cool, nothing super spectacular. This specimen however was like the femur of a T-Rex or some other big Dinosaur. Like, when you think dinosaur bones, this is what you think of (unless you're an archaeologist). Then there was the meteorite. Since like only 1 in a billion actually hit Earth, they are exceptionally rare, so that was really cool. I've seen a small piece of meteorite at a space museum, but it was like half the size of a postage stamp. This thing had to have been the size of a baseball. Then there was the moon dust. There wasn't much, but not much was ever brought home, so this is something I've never seen in person. That was really cool. Here are the pictures.

More fossils on myspace

After the rock and mineral museum, I went to the local videogame store at his college and bought a couple of PS2 games. I bought this racing game that Saint, Sudden and I will lets play and some jampack demo discs. I noticed a boxed PS2 modem for sale for $20 but decided to pass on in for now, do a little research and what not since accessories are not my strong point. Turns out a new in box PS2 modem goes for about $45. There was some box damage, but it was still a great price. I also picked up a controller extension cable for practical use, and it was a great end to day 3.

Day 4 was pretty low key. We said our goodbyes to my brother and left for home. We got gas at a Native American Reservation and it was quite cheap.

We didn't do any sight seeing because we already saw the sites, so we were able to get farther south than we did when heading north. The motel was a nice little place. Nothing like last year though when they said "key's in the door." Dad and I went to a restaurant and they had a candle in a mineral. Since we went to a rock and mineral museum yesterday, we were wondering what kind it was. Since it was restaurant table decoration, it couldn't be one of the thousands of dollar minerals. We eventually figured out it was a rock salt mineral. My dad suspected that and to be sure he licked the tip of his finger, put it on the candle rock, and tasted his finger. It tasted salty, so it's rock salt. On day 5 we packed up early from the motel and drove strait home. No points of interest this time.

It was a good way to end the summer. I had fun, saw some cool things, did some cool things, and watched some DVDs I can never find the time to watch. This will probably be the last time I will be able to help my brother move in. It was fun while it lasted. Well this has been Pokematic, signing off, and bu-bye.

Friday, May 8, 2015

Meeting my Nephew

Hey everyone, I'm now Uncle Pokematic, because my older cousin had a son, and I got to meet him yesterday because he, his wife "K", and son "JJ" came to the US. See, my cousin majored in Japanese in college and lives in Japan, where he met his wife and now they have a son. This is the first time K and JJ have been to the US. And my cousin knows I knows I like Pokemon, so he brought me these, Pokemon crackers.
They're so cool. I'm going to be the envy of my Pokemon League. Thanks guys.

Well now comes the time when we have fun with JJ. We were at their hotel room and JJ was playing on the bed, trying to figure us out. We bought him some gifts for his first birthday; 2 thick page books, 1 a Thomas the Tank Engine book and Goodnight Moon, a Thomas the Tank Engine stuffed animal that's about as big as him, and a red beanie baby dog that was started by my grandma/his great grandma. He liked the stuff and began to get used to us.

Now it was dinner time. We went to a fish restaurant that was close to their hotel, and a Meijer. My mom realized we forgot to get him goldfish, so after I put my order in I ran to Meijer to get goldfish. But first there was some funny thing, I forgot to look what I wanted to eat. The waitress came and I was like "oops, forgot to decide on something." I chose a cheeseburger. After ordering I ran over to Meijer and first looked at the videogames to see if they had any Amiibo I didn't have or if they had Pikmin 3. They didn't. Then I went to the crackers to look for goldfish. It was buy 2 for $4, so I got regular goldfish for JJ and flavor blasted goldfish for Uncle Pokematic. As I was walking out of the aisle, I realized that maybe I should see if they had baby goldfish, they did, so I exchanged the regular for baby. It was perfect for his little hands and mouth.

So now I'm back at the restaurant, goldfish crackers in hand. I sit down and visit with my uncle because at that point my brother was playing with JJ. Not to much longer after I got back did our food arrive. As Jules says, "it was a tasty burger." After visiting and eating, my brother and I switched places so I could play with JJ. He really enjoyed drinking my water from my straw. He also enjoyed moving my plate around so he could get a good look at it; but I had a hold of it so he couldn't knock it off the table. He stuck his hand in my ketchup. Good thing I was done. He just wanted to try ketchup, so I dipped one of my fries in it and let him have it. He already had enough plain fries from my brother, so he wanted one with that red stuff I dip mine in. He was interested in my bracelets, so I let him play with my paracord bracelet, but I pulled it away when he wanted to start chewing on it. I know where my bracelet has been, and months of not washing it means it was dirty. Yeah.

One fun thing is that my cousin, JJ's dad face timed us because he was doing something with work in Canada. JJ heard his dad and wanted to see the phone. He really liked that, and it was really cute. "I hear daddy, I want to see daddy" was what he was probably thinking. He held on to the phone and saw him, I had to help with moving his thumb from over the camera, and close the home screen and calculator app a couple of times. It was really sweet.

So after dinner we went back to the hotel. JJ now knows us pretty well. When at the Hotel JJ reached out for me to hold him. So I picked him up and he enjoyed it. My mom said the funniest line of the night; "[Pokematic] be careful with the baby, we don't even trust you with the good China." Yeah I don't know if I've said it in my previous Thanksgiving blogs, but at Thanksgiving and similar china plate events, my grandpa and I are the 2 eating off normal plates because we can't be trusted with the expensive plates. I held him well though. Then my brother took him and he enjoyed that. We got a nice picture of us with JJ. After my brother my mom took him and he enjoyed her, but when mom got him close to my dad, he gave the "uh oh, I don't know about that guy" face and then wanted to go back to his mom, K.

That was basically our time with my nephew. He liked us and we liked him. Well this has been Pokematic, signing off and bu-bye.

Wednesday, December 31, 2014

A Pokematic 2014 Christmas

Hey everyone, it's that time of the year again, the time when I talk about the fun times I had during Christmas. At the time of writing, the festivities are still going on. We have little Christmas gatherings with friends and family up until new years. So I'll talk about what's happened while it's still fresh, and then fill you in about the end at the end of the blog, but you'll only read the end of it. Time is funny.

So lets start out with the 23rd of December. Nothing major happened, except all my European friends wishing me a Merry Christmas because they celebrate on the 23rd. Now for the real start, the 24th Christmas Eve. With my grandparents on my mom's side, we exchange gifts either Christmas Eve or the day after because it probably worked best when we were little. Anyways, it was fun. We met them at their local McDonalds, because that's what we've been doing since we were little. When we were little, typically one of my parents and either my aunt or uncle would take my brother, cousin, and I to the McDonalds while Santa delivered the presents. Now we all just meet there beforehand and eat lunch because tradition. After lunch, we went over to their house and opened presents. I got Justice League-Flashpoint Paradox, The Fast and the Furious/2 Fast 2 Furious, The Dark Knight Rises, The Three Stooges: The Movie,Looney Tunes Academy Awards Animation Collection, a Weather key chain, and some lottery tickets. I lost, but my brother won. In fact all the lottery tickets I got I lost, and my brother won about half of them. That's my luck. The best thing though is my grandpa's gift. A while back he lost his wedding ring. This year my grandma saved up and bought him one. So instead of just wrapping it and giving it to him, we did "nesting doll" boxes, where open one box, there's another box, and in that is another box, etc. Since it was his 80th birthday (he was born on Christmas so he shares a birthday with Jesus), we did 8 boxes with a little story from each decade of his life. Fist box was a penny with a slip that told him about going to buy penny candy when he was little. The second box was a story he told us from when he was in college. When it got to him having kids we gave him a little bag of coffee, because "you'll need this." When it was the part about getting grand kids, there was a slip that said "I hope you still have some of that coffee." And little things like that. Just fun. Once he opened the ring though, oh he was speechless. He really liked it. After their house we went to Christmas Eve mass.

Here's a little story, after mass we went to buy sweet potatoes. At the Christmas party on Christmas (you'll read about it in a moment), our family was responsible for bringing a sweet potato casserole or something. Well we didn't have sweet potatoes. We went to Kroger to see if they were open. They closed at 5:30 and it was 5:50. We go home and eat our Chinese food, because that's what people order out when it's Christmas Eve and Christmas Day. They're the only places open. After dinner I call Meijer and see what their hours are. They're open till 7 on Christmas Eve, and it was 6:40. Meijer is about 15 minutes away. Mom and I get in the car and book it to Meijer. We get to Meijer at 6:50. I jump out and rush to produce. This place is packed. We weren't the only people that needed last minute stuff. We needed 4 sweet potatoes. I get 4 and get in line. Mom finds me and looks at what I got. She said I should get another just in case. I weave in and out of people to get back to produce. I come back with a potato in hand. She says "maybe just one more." I weave in and out again to the produce grab another sweet potato, and football carry it back to the line. That was it. We check out and we were done. A while later, at like 10PM, I watched A Very Harold and Kumar 3D Christmas, a review of which you can read here.

Well it's now Christmas Day. I walk down to the living room and see my parents on the couch waiting. We wait for my brother. When he gets up, we open gifts. Here's what I got.
I got The Legend of Korra - Book Two: Spirits, The Heat, Godzilla, some wine, beef jerky, peanut M&M's, peanuts, and peanut butter pretzels. And some money.

After that, we enjoy our gifts, watch 24 hours of A Christmas Story, and call family that we won't see that year. After a while, we went to a family friend's house for Christmas dinner. It was nice seeing them. PepperBC and her family also came, so that was fun to see them again and catch up. We had turkey and ham for dinner, along with some fixings. After dinner we had cake, and it was a big cake with a lot of frosting. So much that anyone that handled the cake, even if they were careful, got frosting fingers. This was a birthday cake for my grandpa. After birthday celebrations, we did the sing along because this is the friend with the accordion and my grandma read this story about a clockmaker. It's another tradition. During the sing along, my brother brought out his clarinet as part of a birthday surprise because my grandpa loves listening to him play. Mom asked where he was. Using air quotes that my grandpa couldn't see but she could, I said "he's in the bathroom." She didn't get it so I did it again. She didn't catch on until after he came out. It was fun.

So after Christmas, we went to see my other grandparents. We visited, had giant sandwiches, and enjoyed each other. We exchanged a couple of gifts. I got a new safety vest. On my way up and back, I watched The Legend of Korra - Book Two: Spirits. The following day we went to see my aunt. She needed us to put cable in her sewing room. We also visited. After the visit, we went to a Christmas party with my mom's old college friends. We ended up playing Halo: The Master Chief Collection. Well, that was until the Halo 5 beta downloaded. Then we played Halo 5 Beta. We had pizza for dinner. This is kind of funny. We had a coupon for 4 pizzas for like $30, so we were going to use that and get like 2 other more specialty pizzas, one gluten free and another I don't remember. Well we did the ordering online, and the coupon ended up saying we had to order 2 pizzas and get like 4 free, or something. We ended up getting 8 pizzas. When we went to get pizzas, and after getting them, we had the idea that we should go to the strip club and make it rain with pizza. We didn't but it was a fun joke.

So we're reaching the end of the fun. The last party was on the 30th. We got together with mom's oldest friend and her family. Her kids and their girlfriends came. We were kind of wondering what we should do. I went to the nerd cave and brought up my N64 along with OG Mario Party and OG Super Smash Bros. We played Mario Party first, and then Super Smash Bros. That was fun. We didn't do a whole lot else. Well that was my Christmas 2014 experience. Lots of fun. Well this has been Pokematic, signing off, and bu-bye.

Sunday, November 30, 2014

Black Friday, 2014

Ahh it’s that time again, Black Friday. So how was this year? Well, it wasn’t quite as fun as last year. Before I go into Black Friday, I’ll talk about Thanksgiving. Thanksgiving was fun. I saw my family on my mom’s side for the big day and my family on my dad’s side the following Friday. It was fun. I saw PepperBC. I had ham because I don’t like turkey. It was all around fun.

Now for Black Friday. Things weren’t as interesting this year. I looked at all the ads and only found a couple of things I wanted. From Meijer I was looking at DeadPool the game. From Target I was looking at Sixteen Candles for $1. At Walmart I was looking at Mario Kart 8, Scarface, the New Godzilla, and The Amazing Spider-Man 2. At Best Buy I was looking at The Big Bang Theory Season 7, That '70s Show: The Complete Series, The Princess Bride, and Spaceballs. Interestingly enough, I didn’t really find anything I was looking for, but I found other stuff.

To start out, my brother and I went to Walmart around 8PM. Unfortunately for us they had all their door busters already so we missed out on practically everything. I did however find a Fast and Furious Double Feature; The Fast and the Furious and 2 Fast 2 Furious for like $4, which is kind of funny since they were being sold separately for the same price. We looked around some more. My brother found some headphones and we picked up a dirt devil that my mom wanted.

Next came Target. Unfortunately I was unable to find 16 candles. However, I did find The Heat and Godzilla. Here’s a little story with Godzilla. The sign said $10, but the system thought it was $27. I see the register and it said $41 total (my brother was getting a DVD and we just put it all together). I ask the cashier what it was and he said Godzilla. I told him that it said $10, so he went and talked to some manager person. I got it for $10. It said $10. After checking out, we picked up Z-man. Remember him from last year? If you don’t, he’s a friend. We picked him up and then went to Best Buy.

At Best Buy, more of the same. However, I did manage to find Spaceballs. I already have it on VHS, but since our only VCR is currently connected to the capture card for my video converting thing, and since I want more out of my viewing experience, I want the blu-ray. Unfortunately, didn’t find 70’s show, big bang theory, or princess bride. Looks like I’ll just have to live with the VHS of princess bride for a while. However, we did end up finding Firefly: The Complete Series and something else that escapes me at the moment. Oh well. Z-man ended up finding an iHome speaker set. He needs it since his current set of speakers is completely messed up.

Now there are some stories that go along with this best buy experience. We’re waiting in line, and there’s a register that can only take cash. The lady asks if there’s anyone paying with cash, and I raise my hand because I am. We’re next because of the cash but we aren’t at the front of the line. This guy in front of us says he’s with us and goes to the cash only register. He then tries to pay with credit and then gets sent back into line. Buddy, it’s not our fault you didn’t bring cash. Then after we exit, Z-man drops his respite. Like a Black Friday lunatic, I chase after it, through the parking lot, and catch it right as it’s about to blow into the street. Yeah.

After that we were done. I didn’t bother Meijer because I could live without Deadpool the game for a while. This year wasn’t quite as fun. There wasn’t the mad rush to open the door busters, there wasn’t the line outside of best buy, there wasn’t that much cool stuff I wanted this year. I’m sure the door buster rush and line outside best buy happened, it just happened to early. Stores, please, STOP STARTING BLACK FRIDAY EARLY IN THANKSGIVING!!!!! I like it when it’s “doors open at midnight” and “door busters at 2AM” and all that good stuff. None of this “door busters at 6PM” crap. Sigh. Oh well. Another bummer was mbinski wasn’t able to join us this year. That was a bummer. Oh well. This has been Pokematic, signing off, and bu-bye.